Not all storage is batteries or indeed hydro, and not all energy storage is of electricity. Many forms of energy storage exist and most are currently under under intense research development to improve efficiencies and scale towards grid and utility size products and methodologies.

list of current storage projects

Whilst grid scale storage would well suit the Valleys role in regulating and conditioning power supply, there are questions to be answered,

  1. which technology or blend of technologies?
  2. which technologies suit our traditional industry base?
  3. which technologies are environmentally friendly? ie materials can be recycled?
  4. which technologies are expandable to grid size installations?

 A list storage technologies and their applications, a brief summary of technologies can be found on this link


From what we have been able to determine....

 Large scale community "energy banks", may be a viable option but the generally touted technologies (Lithium Ion etc) are not recylable. Flow batteries are a good large scale option, have deeper cycling and generally speaking a bit better environmentally, well a lot.

Either way, storage will be an industrial option and possibly a commercial one, for the community.





Storage and Regeneration in a Compressed Air Energy System (CAES)




What are the quickly foreseeable jobs in the storage industry?






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