Voices Of the Valley Inc.


    Statement of Purpose

  •  Protect and inform the Latrobe Valley Community
  •  Tap into the ideas of the community.
  •  To advocate for resources on behalf of the Latrobe Valley Community
  •  To identify risks and needs and funding required to meet these
  •  To advocate on behalf of the health and well-being needs of the Latrobe Valley community
  •  To collect, retain and disseminate data of relevance to the health and well-being of the Latrobe Valley community
  •  To establish and maintain networks with community groups and members, government bodies and others.




  • President - Wendy Farmer
  • Vice President - Ron Ipsen
  • Secretary - Marianne Robinson
  • Treasurer - John Arkinstall

 Board members:

  • Helen Morrison
  • Ian Martin


and the people..



We labour the health point because we were told by the thousands of people that were being ignored that they were sick. We laboured the point of deaths because if we proved deaths (mortality)- it follows that there were sick people (morbidity) - and that can then be recognised. Only then can the sick people could get treatment for what really ails them, only then can a proactive approach be taken to the health of the community. We have gathered as much information as we could, tried to make sense of it, and handed all our collected information into the inquiries because the health department wouldn't listen to the people. It turns out that the health department had a "vested interest" in this information not being made public as they would then be culpable for not taking better care of the community, who knew hey? well just about everyone down here.



I ‘spose we should make it clear that VotV isn’t just the group of workers, we are bringing forth the voices of the people we have asked in surveys and door knocks and questionnaires or those that have come directly to us for help. We understand some residents concerns about house prices and stuff,and we would all like to just go back to our lives and bury our heads in the sand. But we have been entrusted with the information and pleas of the people for help and cant walk away until the job is done. It is these voices, not ours which comprise VotV.


 Winner of Premier's Sustainability Award, 2016, Environmental Justice section

Media release

21 October 2016



Voices of the Valley wins Premier's Sustainability Award


Voices of the Valley has won the Environmental Justice category in this year's Premier's Sustainability Awards for their community advocacy in the wake of the 2014  Hazelwood Mine Fire.


The 45-day fire resulted in deep Latrobe Valley concern about the short and long term impacts on community health.

Voices of the Valley is a community association formed in response. Through fund-raising, community activity, lobbying and advocacy, the group has managed to highlight the issues their community continues to face.

Voices of the Valley continues to work to provide a voice for public concerns over direct impact and long-term health, welfare, economic and environmental effects.