It simply does not seem feasable given the climate in the Latrobe Valley to do large scale solar or wind generation, It does not logically seem to be an available option. Smaller scale community driven and owned "solar gardens" or smaller scale wind farms for demonstration and teaching and community benefit are probably about as far as our climate can take us here.

What is important in this field is the training and skills dissemination from these projects.

Demonstration plants for teaching can be set up and utilised by the community in many different styles of co-operative enterprise, community energy is a reality and can be a product we train technicians and administrators in as an export product.

The real advantage of having harvesting of some sort here is in the opportunities it offers for training of installers, maintenance tradies and research, particularly in matching generation in with storage and control.

Community generation projects are a great platform to get community buy in and egagement to the transition program and other areas of the Health Innovation Zone.




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