Residents demand urgent fire safety upgrades of Hazelwood mine

Aug 1st 2014

Following yesterday’s flare up of hotspots still smouldering from the Hazelwood mine fire, residents are calling for urgent safety upgrades of the Hazelwood mine.
Mrs Wendy Farmer, President, Voices of the Valley:

“As we’ve been saying, the community has absolutely no confidence that another major mine fire isn’t going to happen again. Yesterday’s 50m long fire on a Winter’s day shows that the hotspots still smouldering from February’s mine fire pose a threat to the community.”

“It’s been months since the fire was contained, and the next bushfire season is almost upon us. We demand to know what actions GDF Suez and the government have taken to address fire safety since the major fire occurred.”

“We don’t need an inquiry to tell us that the fire protection at Hazelwood mine is woefully inadequate. We don’t need an inquiry to tell us that sprinkler systems that were torn out should be reinstated. And we don’t need an inquiry to tell us that the non-operational mine faces need to be remediated. We simply need action on these issues as soon as possible.”

“Will the Coalition will commit to these common-sense actions now? Will our local Member, and Minister for Energy and Resources, Russell Northe, stand up for the safety of the local community? And if not, then will the Labor party to commit to do so if they are elected in November?”

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Mrs Wendy Farmer

President, Voices of the Valley

0408 261 551

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