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It seems Dr Lester thinks that no one got sick or suffered symptoms during the fire. A token survey with a predetermined conclusion that there are no long-term health effects is being proposed as the only thing needed to be done.


This survey is a short term body count, nothing to do with helping us or our children deal with the health consequences we have had, are having  or will be subject to.


There is even talk that this survey is just to absolve the Gov’t for not acting, and absolve GDF Suez from any future health consequences liability.


Are we going to let this happen?


Stand up for your future health and the health of our children.


We want a full health study.


Tell HER what YOU think!!



Community consultations for our say in this study are a once only opportunity, 2 public sessions, one is at school pick up time, and the other is at family dinner time. There is also one for medical professionals at shift changeover time. There are only 55 places available at each session and you must book in.

Somehow this gives me the impression they don't really want our opinion and are going to proceed with another token gesture to show they are actually doing something to the press.

It seems that the survey the Health Department are proposing is to be a survey of how much quicker LV residents, who have been exposed to the toxins will die, and what they die of. All this statistically balanced against a control group of a "similar" community, perhaps one of the coal towns of the Hunter Valley.

Perhaps if you were cutting more corners - a comparison of the people from South Morwell against the people from Traralgon or Moe could be used, because we all know only people from South Morwell were affected with coughs, headaches, metal taste around the tongue etc, and the smoke plume didn't cross the railway line or shift around with the wind.

Not surprisingly, this comparison would also prove the theory of Dr Lester, that there is no health problem, and therefore absolve the Gov't for not responding appropriately or in a timely manner, and GDF for its toxic smoking out the Valley. There would be no case for any legal actions and thus save hundreds of millions of dollars in health related lawsuits and medical costs.

This style of survey is a very cheap and easy way to get out of a commitment to the 25,000 people who petitioned for a long term health survey.

But we don't need a "Death survey" we need a "Health survey".

If, as Dr Lester says, the community needs to be "engaged" in a "long term commitment" and the Health Department "has their best interest at heart" The community needs to convinced of the sincerity of Dr Lester's department.

There has been a huge discrepancy between what the residents of the Latrobe Valley have experienced, and what they have been told they were experiencing, particularly by the Department of Health.

We need the Department to acknowledge and scope the health impacts LV residents have, are and will be experiencing.

We need them to assess how many of us have been sick, what we have been sick with and how widespread the effects have been. We then need our health monitored over a long time and see what treatments are useful in treating the long term effects and document these.

That at least might be worthy of the sacrifice we have had dumped upon us.

No More Lies, No More Tokenism -

Accept only a Full Study for your health and that of the children.

Be there and tell HER So....






May 06, 2014 at 1:00pm - 2pm
Italian Australian Club
499 501 Princes Drive Morwell
Morwell, vic 3840
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