Residents demand urgent fire safety upgrades of Hazelwood mine

Aug 1st 2014

Following yesterday’s flare up of hotspots still smouldering from the Hazelwood mine fire, residents are calling for urgent safety upgrades of the Hazelwood mine.
Mrs Wendy Farmer, President, Voices of the Valley:

“As we’ve been saying, the community has absolutely no confidence that another major mine fire isn’t going to happen again. Yesterday’s 50m long fire on a Winter’s day shows that the hotspots still smouldering from February’s mine fire pose a threat to the community.”

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No answers about Hazelwood mine safety from the Parliamentary Secretary

No answers from the Parliamentary Secretary

30th July 2014

 Voices of the Valley today condemned the lack of answers from the Parliamentary Secretary, Craig Ondarchie MLC, in response to questions about rehabilitation of Hazelwood mine and other issues. The meeting with Mr Onarchie was arranged following the Premier’s refusal to meet with community members.

Mrs Wendy Farmer, President of Voices of the Valley:

“Premier Napthine is still missing in action, so he’s sent the Parliamentary Secretary, Craig Ondarchie, to meet with us. Although Mr Ondarchie expressed sympathy and concern, he did not have the authority to respond to our issues.”

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