Residential Drug Rehabilitation & Mental Health Facility for the Valley

"Ice Grannies current affair story"

Dear Daniel Andrews,

We in the Latrobe Valley have consistently recorded the highest level of psychological and social stress levels in the state. Yet since the demolition of the old Hobsons Park facility in Traralgon we have had only emergency-short stay psychiatric facilities.

The advent of social calamities like the privatisation of the SEC and now the world transition away from our traditional work forms in the region have left a community reeling. While we are resilient, we can only handle so much on our own, especially when govt departments are lured into putting disadvantaged persons into our now cheap housing.

Examples like the "Ice Grannies current affair story"  shown on national television today are not the norm for our population but are becoming a more common sight on our streets.

Some will say this is a crime problem but in reality we all know the war on drugs approach failed long ago. It is now a health problem and requires a health response.

We thank you for our Health Innovation Zone, the only one in the country. The Health Innovation Zone came out of the recommendations of the Hazelwood inquiries, we ask only for the facilities to deal with the problems that face us.

We the undersigned people of the Latrobe Valley and surrounds call for the Andrews Government to fund and create a residential drug and mental health rehabilitation center in the Latrobe Valley.

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    Rowan White

    Victoria owes all of its citizens the best of care, and those of the La Trobe Valley a particular debt of gratitude for powering our stare fot so long. The least we can do is see them generously through the necessary energy transition.
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    My elderly parents and siblings live in Traralgon. Time to give residents of the valley much needed help
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    We need a residential facility here.
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    We really are in need of this facility, to provide long term and continuing care for all mental health patients, also to ease the extra burden on the emergency department of our already extremely busy hospital and the medical teams
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    Sign the petition: Residential Drug Rehabiliation & Mental Health Facility in the Valley
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    Definitely think this is needed for our community Normi Rowe’s vision should be taken into consideration
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    As a community youth worker in Gippsland since 1987 I have seen a high need for a facility of this type for many years. Unfortunately, we have lost many of our young people to substance addiction and the lack of a local facility has no doubt contributed to the needless loss of life. The population of our area continues to grow and unlike many parts of the State this area has missed out on much of the economic growth of the past decade as such we have a high number of people from lower socio-economic backgrounds who also suffer from poor lifestyle choices. Support for substance addiction rehabilitation with a dedicated residential facility is needed.
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    Janet Kootstra
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